Dear Church Family,

We are in the process of changing our name from Harvest Bible Chapel Kelowna to Hope Bible Church Kelowna. We are doing this out of necessity and also for opportunity.


In October 2014 Harvest Bible Chapel Kelowna was planted to be a light for the word and glory of God in our region. Along with our sending/supporting church in Oakville we were a part of the 150 churches planted in cooperation with Harvest Bible Fellowship (HBF) in Chicago. For a good number of years, the churches in Canada for legal and financial reasons have been separate from the churches in the USA, yet a part of the same family of churches.

Every church planted through HBF adopted the name “Harvest Bible Chapel” for the purpose of clarity and alignment. We are grateful for the foundational distinctives provided by HBF which were rooted in biblical authority and a vertical focus on the glory of God.

In the summer of 2017, Pastor James MacDonald, the founder of Harvest Bible Fellowship, resigned from his position as president and HBF was dissolved. Although we mourned the loss of the sweet fellowship we had with HBF, we are grateful that this allowed wise and godly leadership to rise up and form the Great Commission Collective (GCC) in the fall of 2017.

The Great Commission Collective exists for the purpose of planting, strengthening and multiplying great commission churches throughout the world and today is a family of over 125 like-minded churches in Canada the United States and around the world. Our church joined with the GCC in late 2017. You can find out more about the GCC at gccollective.org.

Unlike Harvest Bible Fellowship, the Great Commission Collective is not tied to or governed by any one church, it is a separate non-profit organization with governing boards in Canada and the USA, with board members consisting of pastors and Christian leaders. The Great Commission Collective does not require churches to have any particular name, but churches are free to choose their own names (For example, the 3 churches in Alberta have chosen the name Redemption Church.)


As Hope Bible Church Kelowna, we have the opportunity to align with at least 5 other churches in Canada that will be using the name “Hope”, including our sending church in Oakville whose leadership, support and guidance we have been so thankful for!

Our world is desperate for hope and we are called to declare that hope to this world.
We love “Hope” and what it communicates, we believe the “Bible” and we are the “Church.”

Hope is referenced 160 times in the Bible. We are called to:

  • Rejoice in the HOPE of the glory of God (Rom 5:2)
  • Rejoice in HOPE, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Rom 12:12) The Bible refers to God as the “God
     of HOPE” (Rom 15:13)
  • The power of the Holy Spirit makes us “abound in HOPE” (Rom 15:13)
  • It’s in this HOPE that we were saved (Rom. 8:24)

Hope brings perspective, freedom, purpose, and life! Hope is a gift of grace from God, and therefore we love hope!

So, while our name is changing, and you’ll see some new signs and language around, our vision remains the same... to see lives changed for the glory of God!


Pastor Meldon